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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to get approval to remove a tree from my own property?

You may need to contact your local council planning department before felling a tree on your property.

How do you remove stumps?

We have specialist equipment such as Stump Grinders, Stump Splitters and Mini Excavators to remove stumps

What do you do with all the waste from your Tree & Hedge work?

We remove all waste leaving your property looking spotless. Any green waste is recycled wherever possible.

What is the difference between stump grinding and stump removal?

Stump grinding grinds down the stump so the area can be levelled leaving the root ball in the ground. Stump removal removes the stump and roots.

Do you provide a regular maintenance service?

Yes we can come as regulaly as you want and carry out all aspects of landscape and garden maintenence

Can you provide top soil, turf and gravel?

Yes, we can provide all types of gravel, stones, top soil and turf and then lay them for you

Do you do domestic garden or just commercial work?

We provide a full Landscape and Garden Maintenance Service for both Commercial and Domestic clients

Do you provide a free no obligation quote?

Yes, get in touch and we can arrange to poop round and give you a free quote.

Do you repair fences or just erect new fenes?

If a fence can be repaired we can repair it. If the fence post are wooden and have rotted it is very difficult to make safe and secure.

Do you fit concrete fence posts?

Yes, concrete fence posts are a good idea as they cannnot rot.

Can we supply our own turf and you lay it?

Yes if you want you can supply the turf. Make sure to get good quality turf as cheap stuff may give poor results which we cannot be accontable for. If you are unsure waht to buy give us a call.

Can you clear the whole site including trees?

Yes, we have all the equipment and training for felling trees.

Do you clear commercial sites?

Yes we have many years experiences clearing commercial spaces including factories & building sites.

What types of places do you clear litter and Jet Wash?

We can clear litter and Jet Wash car parks, business parks, retail parks, council premises, public areas, you name it we can clean it.

Are your operators fully licenced and insured?

Yes, all our operators are fully licenced & trained and we have full public liability insurance.

Can I operate the hired machinery myself?

To use the machinery you must be licenced and trained. If you are then yes, if not then you would need to use one of our licenced operators.

Do you do domestic hire as well as commercial hire?

Yes, we often hire out our machinery and operators for pond and driveway dig-outs and lanscaping work and stump grinding.