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Tree Work & Arborist - North East Sunderland
Tree Work & Arborist - North East Sunderland

Keeping your trees and hedges in check all year round can be a tough and time consuming job usually needing specialist equipment and training that most people don't have. DB Tree and Garden Services in the North East have over 30 years experienced in all types of tree work including tree felling, crown reduction, tree maintenance, stump grinding and stump removal.

We also have a full hedge and bush maintenance service including pruning, shaping or total removal. So if you have any tree work in Sunderland, Newcastle, Durham, Gateshead or across the North East give us a call today. All waste is removed and all green waste recycled where possible.

Key Benefits of Service

Tree Service: Keeping your trees maintained is important especially if they are overhanging public areas or buidlings as you are resposible if any branches fall off and cause any damage. Sometimes a tree spreads a bit far and can become a risk in heavy wind

Hedges & Bushes: Keeping your hedges & bushes looking smart and preventing them from overgrowing is important as they can grow out of control and start taking over your garden. Our hedge cuttting, pruning and removal service will help keep your garden looking tip top.

  • Tree Felling & Crown Reduction
  • Stump Removal & Stump Grinding
  • All types of Tree Maintenance
  • Hedge Trimming, Shaping & Removal
  • All types of Pruning and garden clearance

Frequently asked Questions

Do I have to get approval to remove a tree from my own property?

You may need to contact your local council planning department before felling a tree on your property.

How do you remove stumps?

We have specialist equipment such as Stump Grinders, Stump Splitters and Mini Excavators to remove stumps

What do you do with all the waste from your Tree & Hedge work?

We remove all waste leaving your property looking spotless. Any green waste is recycled wherever possible.

What is the difference between stump grinding and stump removal?

Stump grinding grinds down the stump so the area can be levelled leaving the root ball in the ground. Stump removal removes the stump and roots.

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